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If you are looking for the best live 🎥 online casinos, there are many interesting deals on our site. Thus, you can enjoy the live mode of the best online casinos as if you were really at a gambling house with other people.

Why Canadians choose our guide to playing in online casinos

There are several reasons why we are considered professionals in making online casino guides:

  • live casinosWe select only the best 👍 (and safest) pages;
  • We only choose the best casinos for gaming experience;
  • We identify the best bonuses 🎁 on Black Jack, Roulette and Poker.

It is for this reason that today we will guide you in your search for the best entertainment at AAMS online casinos, which have decided to offer players something different from the classic slot machine 🎰 game. In fact, consider that the best online casinos offering live games allow you to interact with the dealer as if you were in a real casino. But why are Canadian (and non-Canadian) online casinos so popular?

Best Live Casinos 2022

icon licenseLive casino 🌟 is a platform that allows you to play online in a real house with real dealers. Entering the game room you can enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a real casino. In recent years, the offer of the best online casinos has become increasingly high and, consequently, the needs of players have also evolved. We believe that the live gaming experience allows us to satisfy this aspect. The best live casinos in Canada can give you that extra touch of excitement during entertainment. Also, do not forget that by doing this you will be able to enjoy playing in safe and new online casinos that we have already tested for you.

Remember, even in the case of live casinos, you will still be able to take advantage of an attractive casino bonus that can be used in a variety of games .

The most widespread and popular games in the best live casinos are blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Another obvious positive is that live casinos generally feature reliable and modern platforms.

The future of live casinos certainly looks promising. According to the news regarding the world of gambling, it looks like the best live casinos may start thinking about a virtual reality gaming 🎲 mode. If you are interested in learning more, you can take a look at our blog, where we also talk about virtual casinos.

The most common live casino games online

As mentioned above, the most popular live mode 🎥 games in the best online casinos are Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Below we briefly review how these games work.

Blackjack live

In this case, you will be playing against the dealer and not against all the other people who are “sitting” at the table.

To win against the dealer, you must get as close as possible to the number 21 ☘ by adding up the value of your cards. The important thing is not to go over 21, because then you will automatically lose the hand. All face cards count as 10 and the Ace as 11 or 1.

Live Roulette

icon rouletteThere are several variations of the game that you can play at one of the many casinos: American, European and French. However, keep in mind that each type of game 🎲 is different and different. For example, in the American version, the banker has a greater advantage.

The object of the game is to place chips on the colors and numbers where you think the ball will be inside the wheel.

Baccarat live

In live baccarat, your goal is to get as close as possible to the number 9: in this case, the tricks and the 10 have a value of 9, while the value of the aces is 1.

What is the difference between a live casino and a regular casino?

The main difference between a live casino and a regular casino is the gaming experience and performance offered by the platform. It can be said that if you want to play blackjack ⭐ at one of the best live casinos, you will see a live video in which you will have a professional dealer in front of you. Basically, if you choose to play live at the best online casinos, you will have an experience similar to what you would have at a Las Vegas casino.

While having fun in a regular casino, you can play the same games, including blackjack and Texas hold’em poker. The difference is that in this case you will be entertaining yourself against the computer 💻. The odds of winning are the same, but the feel is not the same as in a live room.

Best live casino sites

leo-vegas-liveAs you may have guessed, the live experience of the best casinos is definitely appreciated by the players so much that more and more casinos are offering this entertainment option. However, remember that not all of them have to be included in the list of the best live online casinos. Some platforms rely on dealers with different gaming experiences, which may affect your online experience in some way. We will try to recommend only the best live casino sites so that we can offer you the exact choice when it comes to gambling and betting.

Another important feature for choosing the right best live casinos concerns gaming tables: not everyone can boast of a large number of tables for live bets. Obviously, it is preferable to choose a casino with a satisfactory number of tables so that you do not have to wait for someone to get up from the table to start playing.

Below you can see our list of live casinos 🎥  that are considered to be some of the best online casinos: as you can see, there are many famous names such as LeoVegas, Snai live casino, Unibet, Star casino and many more. Our list also includes those with the best live casino bonuses: so the fun is even greater (and cheaper)!

icon diamondIn fact, remember that bonuses increase your chances of winning. This may sound obvious, but it’s worth repeating! If you are more likely to win at an online casino, why play at a land-based casino? By playing live at the best online casinos, you won’t have to travel far. You can simply connect to the platform from your PC, smartphone 📱 or tablet and discover the best online casinos with live roulette and dealers.

How do you play live on mobile devices?

As we noted above, the best live online casinos offer the ability to play from your electronic device. Once you’ve done that, you can log in in real time to the top online casinos and immediately start trying your luck among the dealer counters.

If you are one of those gamers who actively use their mobile phone for any kind of web activity, you cannot help but wonder if playing at the best live casinos is truly exciting.

live-casino-on-mobileLooking at the statistics, we can see that most of the players use their mobile phones. You will be pleased to know that free (and paid) online casinos make it easy to play even from your smartphone. If you are tired of constantly playing at 888 casinos, please include all the ones that we have informed you about on this page.

Online casinos with real money or bonuses 💰 let you have fun anytime, anywhere: start playing right now from your mobile phone to try your luck. Just read our list of the best online casinos!

Is it safe to play in live casinos?

Wondering if live online casinos 🌟 are really safe is quite natural: when dealing with services designed for the Internet, it is almost obvious what to ask such questions. One of the most important aspects for us is knowing how to play safely. We only write about the best live online casinos that offer you safe entertainment. We can assure you that it is safe to play live on one of the platforms we offer.

icon safeThen you can enjoy all the games you like the most without risking losing money 🤑. The transactions you will also make to have live entertainment at the best online casinos will be secure and will be processed by card or bank transfer. Don’t forget that you can also take advantage of the best live casino bonuses, which will allow you to play with a little more credit so you can indulge yourself with a few extra spins between tables.

Now you know that when you play on the best live online casinos, you have no reason to worry! All you have to do is log on to our site and check out which live online casino you like best 👍.

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