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Online bingo: how to play and strategies to win 2022

How do you play online bingo? And what are the best strategies to win?

icon diamondBingo is a very popular game especially in the United States, even if it has been popular all over the world for several years. While there are many gambling halls throughout Canada , the trend to gamble has grown a lot in recent years online casino offering different types of bingo and big prizes 🎁.

The history of bingo

The origins of this game date back to the sixteenth century, when Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Canada was founded in Canada . However, it wasn’t until three centuries later that a feature that addicting many players was added in France: dialing numbers.

However, the current version and name of the game came from the United States, where Hugh J. Ward invented a prototype of the game “Beano” for display at fairs. In 1929, toy seller Edwin Lowe saw people playing Beano, from bean: dried beans were used in place of the tokens we use today to represent numbers.

Lowe decided to bring the game to New York, and there, while playing, Lowe’s friend mistakenly shouted “Bingo!” 🌟 Surprised, Lowe decided to rename the game to Bingo, and ten years later the game was already a hit across the United States.

Bingo developed both in Canada and in other countries, and each state has its own version: for example, in Canada it was played with cards with 25 numbers, and today – with 15; In addition, 90 numbers are drawn in Canada and only 75 in the USA.

Let’s see together how to play online bingo and what strategies you can use to win .

The rules of online bingo

icon luckBingo is a game that has very simple rules and can be played at all ages. Thanks to a software, the player can buy one or more cards, according to the type of game. On each card there are random numbers, usually 3 rows of 5 numbers each, therefore 15 numbers in all. The arrangement of the numbers on the card ensures that there are five numbers in each row and at least one in each column.

Once the folders have been chosen, the number call begins 📱. In online bingo, numbers are randomly drawn by a software called Random Number Generator. One of the advantages of online bingo is that you can insert an option that automatically recognizes and signs the numbers drawn. Sure, it takes some of the fun out of the game, but it’s very useful for “distracted” players!

Online bingo rulesAs the numbers are called, the player must mark the boxes with the corresponding numbers. If a player manages to mark all the numbers in a row, he gets the “Cinquina” prize 🎁. If, on the other hand, he gets to mark all the numbers on the card first, he wins the “Bingo”. In online casinos, bingo is generally reported automatically by the software, but you can also call it with a manual option.

The different types of online bingo

Online bingo can be very varied and there are so many online versions that every player can find the variation they prefer. In general, the main types of online bingo are :

  • 90 ball bingo, or classic bingo, which is played more widely in both real and online rooms.
  • 75 ball bingo, which given the reduced number of balls allows you to play faster games and which is suitable for those who do not have much time to devote to the game.
  • Progressive conjackpot bingo, which can have 90 or 75 balls and whose particularity is the presence of a prize pool that is fed by the bets of the participants. Typically the jackpot 🏆 is won for bingo within a small number of calls.

Online bingo typesIn addition to these types, it is possible to find other versions of online bingo, perhaps hybridized with other games, such as the Match Bingoche which combines classic bingo with mahjong, or the Battle Bingo, in which you can also play bingo on the diagonals of the card.

Strategies for winning online bingo

icon bellNow that we have learned how to play bingo online, let’s see together some strategies for winning. While bingo is mostly a game of luck, there are some tips you can put into practice to increase your chances of winning 🏅.

Generally the best online casinos allow the player to change the card if the numbers are not satisfactory, and this is an advantage for those who log into the casino first to buy their cards. Here are some tips for winning 🏆 online bingo:

  1. Avoid cards with many high numbers;
  2. Try to take cards with numbers between 19 and 29 in column I;
  3. Try to pick many numbers in the first forties and choose cards with numbers between 29 and 39 in column N;
  4. Try to take numbers above 49 in column G;
  5. Try to take numbers between 60 and 68 in column O;
  6. Do not take too many folders, unless you use the automatic check option;
  7. Avoid crowded halls.

With these simple strategies to win you can try your luck ☘ at online bingo, remembering also that many casinos offer excellent offers on the cards 🂤 or welcome bonus to be used specifically for the game of bingo.

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